FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

disorganised and sloppy

I forgot to pack my slippers…essential for leaping happy and joyful out of a nice warm pit at 0250 and keeping the toasty feet from the dankly dismold wet deck thereby catching said dismoldery about the soles. Nothing brings on the gloom like dismoldery of the foots. And I messed up the last post – thanks Sylvie for fixing it – and back at you! Now clutching caffeine fix and listening to the wind – howling with attitude. We sent Mr Dylan back to his groove so we could hear the boat. Poor old barge is not happy. We’re on a public mooring which seems ok for the conditions but the tag line has not been maintained and looked very dodgy when we picked it up so I went for a swim and doubled it up with one of our lines. Berri swinging wildly through about 70 degrees so a bit of stress up there and we go and inspect it every hour or so. Now I must find the digestives and practise my dunk. Medicinal compound, sadly, not sensible in these conditions. Poo – from Alex

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