FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs


Dolphins streaking around the boat – over, under, around beside. Greenish blue glow, the boat now surrounded by crashing iridescent froth. On a very dangerous lee shore, peering to leeward hoping not to see glowing froth at the base of the craggy coastline. Himalayan ranges of glowing water all around. Noise. Rain. The wake, snaking away astern, seemingly all over the place, but Berri moving north at about 5 knots. Have to miss the huge rock at Mowarry Point. GPS! More peering, forwards now, looking for the loom of the woodchip mill lights at the entrance to Twofold Bay. And it takes for ever to appear – first a suspicion – just glowing water or real diaphanous loom? And it fills and expands and the phosphorescence brightens and the Himalayas get wilder. We surf into Twofold Bay on cresting warehouses of illuminated froth – how to get the sails off?

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