FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Sugarloafing: Megan

We stayed in Quarantine bay last night. It looks different every time we pick up a mooring. Slight changes in the weather make for completely different visits. Alex dropped me off on shore to go for a morning run while he waited on the boat and tended to another injury. A few days back we walked down into the waterfall in America Bay and somewhere along the hike Alex found a new way to hurt himself. All will heal in time. We’re back up Middle Harbor moored next to Sugarloaf. We both chickened out of a swim. The water was filled with tiny, white, harmless jellyfish, but they look a lot bigger up close. The ordeal was immediately followed by a consultation and a toast to chickening out. We took the rubber duckie around to the south and north arms of Sugarloaf and found a good spot to land for tomorrow’s morning run. ’tis all for now. -M

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