FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Lights on the Harbour -

Should have posted this yesterday evening from the boat….hence the gmail tag…A night sail up Sydney Harbour dodging ferries, cruise ship and anonymous and usually much faster nav lights on moving silhouettes trailing big washes. The universe lost in the ambient light from the city. Navigation marks almost invisible against the background of city lights. The cruise ship completely merged and indistinguishable except that it moved and its lights were too regular. Berri with just her headsail, hard on the wind all the way from Castle Rock around Middle Head to RANSA and significantly easier than the last time we did it (see the post for April 22nd). The Opera House and the Bridge opening in serene magnificence from behind Bradley’s Head as we closed on the Kentucky Fried mark dividing the channel. Towing the duck slows the old barge down a bit but still making 5 kts. Megan steering into it all and discovering how much more difficult it can be when you can’t see the sail or the wind indicators. Pete and Jeanne behind us somewhere in Zoe, ghosting in to their mooring just after we picked up ours. Small Consultation with Dr. Gordon and a mess of pasta and an early night. Doesn’t get much better.

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