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An afterthought from wiley Pru

Some reflections on turning back. Why? The boat was performing well, the conditions were moderate compared to some of our Hobart races and return trips, to say nothing about the southern ocean and Montevideo. I think it’s fair to say that we could have continued without problem and got across to the Tas coast before the forecast 50+ knot northerly and be in Hobart by now. However, it’s one thing to set off across that bit of water in the middle of a big yacht race, with rescue facilities laid on and itching to get some practice, other boats around and a full communications schedule. It’s quite another thing to set off alone in potentially worsening conditions with a relatively inexperienced crew member to share the load. It is also an additional layer of responsibility. I sometimes teach Sea Safety and Survival courses and we emphasise prudent seamanship – you plan for the worst but, even in yacht races you should back off early enough to get home safely and without breaking anything. That’s what we did. There was no need or incentive to continue, as there would have been in a Hobart race and we’re now safe in Eden hoping that crossed appendages are helping to bring tomorrow’s forecast change. It’s bloody awful here right now..That northerly is howling away and shaking the windows of the Fisho’s. As an afterthought – I’ve been coming to this club since 1977 – umpteen times – and yesterday, I thought it about time I paid my $10 and joined. I am now a proud member of the Fisho’s establishment. Yay!

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