FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs


Half way between Green Cape and Cape Howe – bleak and windy and wet evening, Berri in hoon mode, Megan asleep. Boom! Crump! Huge grey tail whopping the surface – and another – they were all around – perhaps 6 of them. In the conditions, I only saw two or three but heard several. It’s a sound you can feel – a concussion, even in the froth and noise of hooning. And then a humpback surfaced next to the boat. I don’t mean close to the boat, I mean next to it. It might have blue antifoul on its back somewhere. Huge black body, barnacled nose, blowhole elongated and big as a bucket, fin high as the gunwale and the whale longer than the boat – or seemed to be. Double gobsmackeroonies! And just wow!

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