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To our 3 subscribers — from Alex

Greetings from Newcastle! Long rolly ride up here and some potentially nasty questions from the Examiner over the next few days so we’re sitting on the Marina at RNCYC and watching the forecasts before deciding whether there’s a safe window to set off for Lord Howe. RIP – the original and hybrid Boot Feral colony – I found their old residence in my Bering Sea brown boots but, sadly, the last remnant of the colony had eaten itself, along with bits of the boots so Megan and I held a little funeral ceremony before consigning them to the bin. I kept some dna for the new boots Pat brought me from Nome a year or so ago. Who knows what might metamorphose…Sad farewell – a bit like famous Chinese calligraphers ceremonially burying their favourite writing brushes… Berri once again full of stuff – way too much for this little gig but here in Newcastle, the remnants of last weeks storm (the same one we were in in Sydney harbour) are everywhere – broken trees, massive heaps of debris from the floods, homeless people, power failures, repair crews in high vis gear all over the place. We feel a bit privileged being more or less unharmed by it all. We have offered several bags of Alaska bound food to the relief effort but so far, no-one has taken us up. Booked in here for a week, just to wait and see what She who Examines has to ask us.

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