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At the wonderful Fisho’s in Eden

For the – I think – 18th time either in Miko in ’77 & ’79 or in Berri umpteen times since 1994. This time is the first time we have come in from the North. Some of our 3 readers will understand… Longish story but I’m sailing Berri down to Hobart with Megan to put Berri on the slip for a few days to check and maybe fix some osmosis we noticed when she was last on the slip in Sydney. It’s a Queen’s ransom cheaper to do it down there…we came into Eden on Friday evening, feeling our way in as seems to be the routine over the years. The wind is due to shift to the SW tonight and I thought it best to wait till the front goes through and then see what’s behind it. I think we are here at least until Tuesday – Melbourne cup day. I’ve been seriously crook – something I ate before we left Sydney – monster chundering session a day or so out and it then worked its way down and I will spare you any further detail. It has not been pleasant and I’m really only back to some sort of normal today. Quite some bug.I think if I’d been feeling better we should have departed yesterday morning, into a 35 knot northerly which would have put us half way down the Tas coast by now. But here we are. For the sailors – Marine Rescue NSW works well on VHF on the way down. For their system to work, they do need an ETA somewhere so you should be prepared to talk this through with them when you log on. A much better system than the old scattered variants of organisations. And as always, Tasmar Radio were there and ready to talk to us on HF – 4125 worked best and 6215 was ok. I think they are located south of Hobart and we spoke to them from roughly Jervis Bay. Sadly, Eden isn’t what it used to be – there are only about 5 or 6 working fishing boats when once they were 2 deep along both wharves. Many of the high street shops have gone and for sale or rent notices are everywhere.The showers on the wharf are broken and look as if they have been for a long time. The showers at the Fisho’s are no longer operational, so it’s buckets of cold water in the dunnys for the intrepid Berri crew. There is talk of extending the main breakwater and bringing in cruise ships – I hope it works for the town – I kind of like the place for lots of reasons. Some pics – Berri in her usual spot in Eden, A pelican or two and a swallow – and a swarm of bees that the local beekeeper was capturing near the wharf. More tomorrow, perhaps – $10 pork dinner not long away…

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