FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Hmm! from Megan

When I sailed with Alex a few months back I got seasick. We planned ahead this time and the seasick pills did their job perfectly. If they hadn’t, it may have been a messy trip back. I’ve tried to imagine what anyone seeing us from shore might have been thinking. A few choice words come to mind. The wind was steady in the upper 30’s and there were regular gusts to 42 knots. The highest I saw was 46 knots. That was after leaving Quarantine bay and immediately getting blasted from the port side by the full force of the wind coming straight in from the sea. At one point while winching the storm jib I had a knee up on the deck beside the cockpit and was dunked into the ocean to mid thigh by a wave knocking us sideways. It was disorienting and took a second or two for me to find “up” again. Alex drove beautifully. He’s obviously done this once or twice before. Plans are in the works for the next stage of our “puttering” in the area. There’s a lot of ocean to explore!

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