FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Green Cape, episode 36ish part 1

And I forgot in previous post – could not raise Coast Radio Melbourne or Tasmar Radio on the HF most unusual for Berri’s radio and a cause for concern. No comms out there could become serious although there’s always the satphone. If it works and can be rigged…It’s a bloody long way north to Green Cape on a woolly black night. Cape Howe was visible but not for long and the mist closed in again and the blackout curtain fell upon us. Megan sitting wet and a bit bedraggled in the cockpit and apparently enjoying herself.Takes all sorts. The whizzer has a blue LED which makes the whole experience comprehensively eeerie. Masthead nav lights reflecting off the mist with dark segments diagonally downwards from the masthead where something shades them. Warehouses building but invisible except for reflection off the breaking crests. Berri rolling severely but coping superbly. 3 reefed main, boom end sometimes kissing the water to leeward. Preventer off, in case it becomes a rather deeper kiss. Where’s the Green Cape light? Peering into the blackness and rain. And peering.

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