FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Surfing across the bay on a black night in the phosphorescence

Eden lights – at last, as we cross the reef at the entrance. Work the mainsail down, Roll the snatch of heady. Catastrophise in the mind getting alongside. Surf around the end of the breakwater, Serious rain, lousy vis, but the continuous floodlights along the wharves. Some fiddling as we work out tactics and line placement and fenders and – yay, it worked. Lots of fiddling but it worked. Alongside our fishing boat 0215 approx, Adjusting stuff. Wet crinkly hands and feet. Wet sleeves. Noodles – just add boiling water. Bliss. Sleep around 0330. Up at 7, more adjustment and into town to buy a tarp for a cockpit cover. We’ll be here at least until Friday… I’ll maybe try to philosophise about Kevvo later. I’m hungry and it’s lunchtime.

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