FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Green Cape, episode 35ish

There’s always drama at Green Cape. For those who don’t know, it sticks out into the Tasman Sea about 20 miles south of Eden and must be negotiated. Just inside it to the south is Disaster Bay – google it. I’ve been to Green Cape at least 30 times, once by car with Hilary many years ago and the rest by boat. Mostly dramatic visitations – it’s a bleak and wild peninsula viewed from the guts of a beam sea and worse still in a bluff southerly. And sometimes fun – I remember Katherine steering Berri around it on one of our return trips. Yesterday, it appeared from the mist as a woolly silhouette with the old lighthouse ghostly white above and the new tower – steel frame contraption – also silhouetted. The wind had just turned east properly and was hitting 20 knots. Crashing swell against the rocks half a mile to starboard, hoisted the 3 reefed main with the old barge rolling and pitching happily and unwrapped a bit of heady and she was off. Kevvo driving – bliss – and of him, more later, perhaps. From 3 knots massively uncomfortable to 6 feeling the wind and waves and hooning. And it all disappeared into the mist again. Megan’s first real experience of being out of sight of land.

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