FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Kevvo rules

Yesterday we went for a little sail towards New Zealand to see whether Kevvo still has his magic touch. Only the keen, the desperate, those who race or those in Kevvo Test mode ever need to go to windward under sail but to windward we toiled in a lumpy cross swell and set him up and off he went. It’s easy to forget how to do it – first get the boat balanced, then give it to Kev, wait to see how he’s going and fine tune the balance and Kevvo’s vane and he’s away. Still has his mojo downwind as well. He’s been bent and battered over the years and the miles but the touch is still there. We parked for the night in Quarantine Bay – again, but way better than last time – and smelt the fine cooking from the Boilerhouse Restaurant on the beach 50 metres away as we scoffed our steamed veggies and cous-cous. Noice and I wouldn’t have swapped. Today,we’re at Sugarloaf again, exploring the mangroves and creeks and looking for places to beach the duck that aren’t covered in oysters to rip it’s little bottom. I’ve run the track here a hundred times but never till today reached it from the water. Tomorrow, back to the five hundred and twenty steps at Bantry Bay. I should have mentioned somewhere that the mast is still standing – the new dyneema lowers SoFarSoGood. Appendages, y’all.

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