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What one forgets - from alex

Subscribers three – The little things – the details – decrepitude advances and the memory bank diminishes. Cunning is needed to bring back words, details, inconsequential stuff mostly but sometimes the vital hook that may save the day. I was trying this morning to drag beck from the congealing grey matter the word for the line that cuts off a part of a circle – all to do with running the shortest distance and being aggressive about running the chord to cut off a few metres – really useful here in Newcastle where our run goes all around the curved waterfront and my battered leg needs to be cosseted. Megan can outrun me by about a kilometre over the out and back 10k to the end of the breakwater and back. I’m slowly getting it together. The weather has been Examinatorial. We’ve decided that to go to Lord Howe would be courageous under the circumstances. Easy to get there, horrible in the lagoon while there and a massive headbang to get back to Sydney. So we’re waiting for a window to duck out and head south again. And we’re parked here as tourists in this fascinating city. It’s in transition from a very big commercial port, industrial centre and link to the world for the Hunter district into a place for cruise ships to visit and tourists to wander and marvel at what it once was. The harbour in now owned by a Chinese consortium, which has led to some interesting industrial problems. More as it happens… a. ————————————————-

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