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This is not the post I wanted to write today but there ya go. The Plan was to set sail for Alaska and another NW Passage today but – to misquote von Moltke, a plan does not survive the first contact with the elements. I’ve been watching the weather in the North Pacific for a month or so and it ain’t the same as when McQ and I set off in 2008. Looks as if the NE trades are blowing with a bit of attitude and the Aleutian low is up there and serious. So, sadly, I pulled the plug. No NW passage this year but lots of other options to pass the time. More on that later. Megan Hahn is on board and we were going to sail to Nome and collect Pat for his and my second NWP and Megan’s first. Instead, we came out to play in the East Coast low that is sitting off Sydney and blowing dogs and blasting rain. Bleak and nasty for non headbangers but the Examiner knows we’re here. We are parked in Quarantine bay at the entrance to Sydney harbour with Dylan Blowin in the Wind and the real wind not quite howling but at least hoovering through the rig and the wind generator whining away as it makes wiggly amps. Oddly, 2 police vessels seem to be circling around us. The Examiner’s latest gig perhaps. But this is really to see whether all this technology still works. I’ll send it and request a grib file for all this nastiness.

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