FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

That fishing boat

Back in Sydney. Re aforesaid sports fisherman – a very close call. We were the stand on vessel under the Col Regs (International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea). in simple terms, we had right of way and, although it is not relevant, we were under sail. Further, the other vessel was overtaking and should have kept clear. We were also transmitting on AIS so no excuse for not seeing us. He was a 30ish foot Steber type powerboat with high flying bridge and after deck behind the superstructure, so no view forward. 20 ft fibreglass poles out on either side, trailing lines. There was a visible head up on the flybridge and the boat was doing about 15 knots and closing from astern on our port quarter. I had seen him at long range and was watching carefully and thought he’d altered course just enough to pass astern, but almost too late, realised we were in for a massive collision unless I acted. Was just able to alter our course to parallel his, about 2 ft from his side as he thrashed past. Head on flybridge was asleep or looking aft at fisherman on after deck and did not see us, We snagged the starboard fibreglass pole and it flexed just enough to flick past the forestay and mast and let him pass. Man on afterdeck appeared, shouted at man on flybridge, watched as we fell astern draped in fishing line and hooks. No apology, no apparent concern for any damage we may have received, no change in speed or course. Just motored on and away. All over in about 30 seconds but could have been very nasty. It happens!

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