FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs


Berri’s lower shrouds have started to fail several times during our time together due to metal fatigue at the swages. Not good. So, for this trip, I had new lowers made from dyneema, a very strong manufactured line supposedly with minimal stretch. We’re out in a 20 knt westerly hooning down the coast from Barrenbjoey towardsa Sydney and the new starboard lower is being tested for the first time…the port one in hanging loose and, were it stainless steel, would be in fatigue mode. The starboard one seems to be holding as it should. The real test will be when we park and drop the sails, to see whether it has stretched. If it fails, the mast will break at the lower spreader. We have the old stainless ones aboard if it looks iffy but appendages firmly crossed for the mo. Megan driving and enjoying herself. Watermaker going and wind generator keeping the volts up. What could be better? We’ll go wave to the surfers at Bondi and maybe head back into Sydney Harbour. I had half a blog in my head yesterday evening about Refuge Bay. Instead, we went exploring in the ducky. A place of plenty for the Garingal people and the starting point for operation Jaywick in WW2. We had it almost to ourselves and just hung out. Yay!

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