FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Top of the Seward

The semi organised Iditarod cacophony gathers speed and volume. Hahn Central rocks as the Iditarod finishers come home.About 20 people here in a moving mass most of the time. Photos of ‘our’ mushers Martin, DeeDee, Tim, James & Matt probably from tomorrow – they are all some way back in the field this year. Martin tentatively due around 0300 tomorrow so maybe a long night. Some photos – on the road out to Dexter with Tiqaraha and Mt Osborn on the horizon. Snow blowing off the top of Osborn. Tiqarafa is the grey toothlike spike to the left of the Osborn pyramid. It’s a significant site for the local Inuit and the only place where there are flint deposits. Both are in the Kigluaik range and Osborn is the highest point on the Seward Peninsula. Camping out in the old cabin which Pat is restoring. Sawdust everywhere but it’s warm and away from the noise.

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