FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Green Cape, ep 36ish part 2

And peering. Warehouses, boat rolling and pitching and now sliding sideways too. White water, rain and spray. The occasional waterfall into the cockpit. Tiny pinprick – a reflection from the mast head off the pulpit? Or the lighthouse? Lots of yaw, impossible to maintain constant directional vision. And now impossibly black – thick feely black that’s there, hanging all around the little glowing cocoon that is us. Desperately hard to make out the light at first, then – yes – there it is! Just one flash but reassuring. And we crash northwards and see more flashes and then the great revolving light spokes above us in the murk Flashing 2 every 10 seems to be the go. Are we going to clear it? And, of course, we did but not everyone has been so lucky GPS! Memories of the first Fastnet with Pete when we got to the rock in the middle of the night under the immense spokes of that huge light.

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