FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Alongside in Eden

It’s never comfortable here. Eden’s wharves are set up for fishing boats that are much bigger and better protected than fat little yachts. Massive barnacle covered piles, big black tractor tires as fenders, big swell and surge in southerly winds. But a haven and Berri is bouncing around alongside a fishing boat with all our longest mooring lines working hard. Still some nasty scrapes in the gel coat.paragraph The wind is due to turn easterly this afternoon and we’ll have another go at getting out. Our HF radio still works well. I have just spoken to Coast Radio Melbourne on 6125 kc and a couple of days ago to Tasmar Radio in Hobart.paragraph We saw lots of whales yesterday during out short excursion. All humpbacks, I think and some of them breaching and splashing around. Perhaps a dozen, spread all along our route. Good to be out amongst them. paragraph Quick explanation – the gmail link to the website does not pick up the paragraph spacing in our posts so I’m just inserting the word to make it a bit more readable. Perhaps.paragraph I have also been reminded by one of out now 4 readers that I’m not including co-ordinates at the head of each post. Mea culpa and I’ll try to do better in future.

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