FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Wily Pru and the churn

Do you ever get that corrosive churn of apprehension in the depths of the gut? Comes to me any time i hear the wind howling – in a rig, around a house, anywhere. It’s when it happens at sea or close to departure that it really gets stuck in. It’s howling with attitude now and raining. I have become familiar with the churn over the years but it never gets easier to manage – it’s just there and it colours everything else that’s going on. I’ve got it now – sitting safe in the Fisho’s but aware that Berri is tied up out there moving around in the surge and now accompanied by a much bigger boat tied up just ahead and, in my opinion, not as it should be. I was down there earlier and their stern was touching Berri’s bow in the surge. No one around, so I moved Berri back as far as I could but still dodgy IMHO. Not impressed. Megan’s asleep in Berri so I’m sure she will warn me if things deteriorate. The wind should gradually abate later today. Tomorrow looks better. The change is due around midday and should last until Monday. About 220 miles to Sydney but against the East Coast Current which could add another 50 or so depending how it’s running. A bit over 2 days if we get lucky. Then we have to find a slip and get the job done.

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