FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Five hundred and twenty

plus or minus five, depending on what you count, is the number of steps up the Timbergetters’ track from the water in Bantry Bay to Seaforth Oval. We climbed them twice, first in Mallory mode because they were there and second to go for a run in the early morning and to fill some water bottles. Lots of birds, mostly tiny but we don’t have the bird book with us. I think I saw a wren and what might have been a cockatiel. Sulphur crested cockatoos near the water. Dogwalkers and dogs in their battalion on the oval. Now we are round the corner at Sugarloaf, so close to home that I’m sure I heard our own gaggle of Northbridge Kookaburras asserting themselves this morning. And there’s a flock of rare black cockatoos close by. It’s drizzling and glassy calm and the world still seems to be rotating because, somewhere above the murk, the sun has come up. Ole’. Pete and Jeanne are planning to bring their Brolga, Zoe, over to join us later and we may Consult. Tea and dunking biscuits for the time being. Haven’t seen the Examiner for a few days. Polishing her leathers, no doubt, and putting new spikes in her whip. I’m about to go around in the ducky and de-slime Berri’s waterline, still green from Newcastle floodwaters. See yez

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