FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs


Berri is a superbly seaworthy boat except – in a dead headwind with short steep waves with a wavelength around or less than her waterline length. We had about 20 knots that seemed to stay right on the nose as we rounded each of the headlands leaving Twofold Bay and we caught the full effect of the waves as we rounded the last one and pointed at Green Cape. Not having fun and no immediate prospect so we went back. To find another huge boat had taken our spot. Eden is not a user friendly spot for small yachts and we had to struggle for a bit in the wind to get alongside another fishing boat. Yachties who’ve been there will understand. So back at the Fishos for consolation wifi and salad. Berri sends congrats to Stephen Jackson – ex webbie – for doing some running in New York. Headbangers and lefties unite!

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