FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

Pain on The Basin track

Waay back when I could run a bit, there was an event in Sydney called the 3 Ports Race. It was based on the Three Peaks in the UK and it involved runners and sailors. The Basin track up to West Head road from here through the Kuringai National Park is 2.8k. Up hill – up one of the higher hills in the Sydney area. Trivial by overseas standards but I think the slope is about 1 in 3, maybe 1 in 4 for the first k or so. Non trivial for runners. When we did the 3 Peaks – not in Berri – our runners ran the 20 k to West Head and back in phenomenal time and we eventually finished second overall in the event I seem to remember. Today, twenty something Megan, with her not too distant 10,000 or so miles across the US cyclist’s legs powered up the hill and left this dessicated bit of old stringybark a long way back. Coming down, different matter. The local Native people are the Garingal Nation. Google Basin Aboriginal art site… Lovely evening here – purple and silver sky silhouetting the hill to the west, first magnitude stars due any minute and a big moon later.

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